Month: June 2017

PDF Attachments Phishing Attacks

Recently we’ve seen an influx in spam emails containing PDF documents. The PDFs contain a link, which when clicked  takes the victim to a website prompting them for usernames and passwords. By entering the username and password, the victim is

Tracking Down Repeat Failed Login Attempts to Domain Controller

One of our clients kept getting repeat failed login attempts on their domain controller. Usually this is an issue with a port being open on the firewall and brute-force attacks being run to guess the password, but ports were closed

Guide Realty Mixer at Lexington Beerworks

Last night we went to a Guide Realty mixer hosted by Raquel Carter. Special thanks to Lexington Beerworks for hosting the event!

Fix Random Black Box Popping Up And Disappearing In Windows

Some of our clients are having issues with a random or intermittent black box popping up while they are working (starting around June 2017). This is an issue with Microsoft Office and can be resolved by doing the following. Click