Month: October 2017

Outlook 2007 Will Continue To Work With Office 365 After October 31, 2017

Microsoft has recently changed text on their RPC over HTTP End-Of-Life page that originally claimed it will not allow Outlook 2007 to connect to Office 365. The new text has been updated to say RPC over HTTP, also known as

Example of how SonicWall Prevents Ransomware For Businesses

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Automatically Mitigated by SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection On Tuesday, Oct. 24, a new strand of ransomware named Bad Rabbit appeared in Russia and the Ukraine and spread throughout the day. SonicWall Capture Labs threat researchers investigated

Fix For Ctrl Shift V to Move Outlook Emails Stopped Working

Today I ran into a small issue where I couldn’t use ctrl+shift+v to move emails. Instead of giving me the move dialog, I was getting a new email with pasted text in it. It turns out, this was because I

Shopify breaks email for whole domain

Shopify and Google G Suite broke everything email: Today we had a client that reported ALL internal email from one user to another user was going to SPAM folder.  Our monitoring had caught the issue as well, and we were

How To Connect to Sonicwall VPN With NetExtender

  Likely you are on this page because you are trying to connect to NetExtender, Sonicwall’s preferred VPN software. Below are the steps to connect to your Sonicwall’s VPN. Download and install NetExtender. This can be downloaded through or

Powershell Script to Check if Office 365 Tenants (Partners) Are Using Outlook 2007 – Run Before October 31, 2017

UPDATE: Microsoft has softened their stance and are not going to cut-off Outlook 2007 connections. More info here. Microsoft recently announced ‘RPC over HTTP reaches end of support in Office 365 on October 31, 2017‘. “MAPI over HTTP was not