Google reseller websites – partner program – mostly useless, but training is accessible from here – GSuite reseller console – create a new customer, customer billing information – the ‘new’ console in summer 2019 and ‘enforced in 2020’ but as of March 2020 still does not have delegated access – see the next link for the “old” console
Explanation of how to get support – this is the support ticket page that explains how to open tickets for both the channelservices console and for Gsuite customers (the link also works for adding and editing users to the channelservices account)
Enterprise portal for channel services channelservices Logins setup and Gsuite Tech support for customer domains – once logged into the Gsuite reseller console – this link will allow access to a single tenant (delegated admin) “new 2020 console” link does not work, this is link to the “old console” and it might quit working in April 2020 or might continue.  TO USE THIS SITE YOU MUST HAVE LOGGED INTO THE ADMIN ACCOUNT AS THE FIRST google account in your browser.  Log out of all google accounts and login to the admin account FIRST and then login into any additional google account(s) you need.  Gmail/Suite/docs/analytics can change between logged in accounts but this admin can’t, has to be your first google account. – single tenant admin site; have to have a admin at the tenant level to use this site

IF YOU want add a google account to your customer: