How Pull Variables from Excel into Word for Each Line of Excel Data

Sometimes you need to write letters to multiple people, basically saying the same thing over and over again with variations on the text. For example, we recently did a GSuite Email Migration for a company in Lexington, KY. Instead of sending out individual emails to them letting them know how far along their data sync was, I could use the Mail Merge feature to compile the data.

The idea here is, for each row of Excel spreadsheet data, to make a letter with variables from the row.

For this example, I have a few fields from the Gsuite Migration report that I would like to share with the customer. I’ll be pulling their email address, how many emails have been migrated from their old mailbox to GSuite, and the percentage that it is complete.

  • Search for ‘Mail Merge’ in the search box of word
  • Select ‘Start Mail Merge’ – ‘Step-By-Step Mail Merge …’
  •  Select ‘Letters’
  • Click ‘Next: Starting document’
  • Use the Current Document
  • Click ‘Next: Select recipients’
  • Use an Existing List
  • Click Browse
  • Select the spreadsheet you want to pull data from. This should show you your spreadsheet data. Click ‘OK’
  • Click ‘Next: Write your Letter’

Now we will pull data from our spreadsheet to the document.

  • Click ‘More Items’
  • Highlight the field you would like to be inserted and press ‘Insert’
  • After you’re done drafting your letter and inserting the fields, click ‘Next: Preview your letters’
    • This will fill in the data for you to give you an idea of what it will look like.
  • Click ‘Next: Complete the merge’

From here, you can click print to print them or Edit Individual Letters to save a document with all the letters.

For this example, my letter looked like


«Number_of_emails_migrated» have been migrated from your account.

Your GSuite Migration is «Percent_complete»% complete.

Thank you,
CSSI – Lexington, KY GSuite and Office 365 Migration and Support Experts


Hope that helps anyone struggling to figure this out!