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Quickbooks 2019 Deposit Slip Printing Problem (Checks area blank with nothing listed)

The mystery of the missing checks…. no solution yet.  I will admit right up front, maybe I missed something or maybe our bookkeeper did.  Or maybe it is the printer problem or maybe it is Windows problem.  But maybe it

Recover Saved Mikrotik Winbox Password

Here’s the scenario, you have a saved password in Winbox for the admin user and you can sign in, but you don’t know what the password is. There are tons of posts about recovering Mikrotik passwords if you have an

Not Able To Send Email to

Recently made security changes to their email, preventing some domains from being able to send to it. This is a security improvement, but does have consequences for misconfigured email senders. This is likely a misconfiguration of your email. CSSI

Hybrid Server Managed Backup Solutions

If a server does not have a backup and crashes, all data could be lost. Even if data could be recovered, data recovery can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars – and include possible downtime of several days or

How To Get The Name of Your Computer

Here’s how to get your computer name. If you don’t know which version of Windows you are using see How to Tell Which Version of Windows You Are Running. Windows 10: Right click on the Start button Click System Under Device

Send from Office 365 Shared Mailbox with Thunderbird

We have a client that wanted to authenticate with SMTP to send out from a shared mailbox. noreply was the name of the shared mailbox. Below is the configuration. User has to have full access and send-as permissions for the

Guide Realty Mixer at Lexington Beerworks

Last night we went to a Guide Realty mixer hosted by Raquel Carter. Special thanks to Lexington Beerworks for hosting the event!

How to Tell Which Version of Windows You Are Running

There are many different versions of Windows that your PC may be running. This is a short guide to determining which version you are using. Windows 10 Windows 10 has a start menu with tiles in it, and black task