How to use Office 365 Report Message Add-In

The Report Message add-in for Outlook and Outlook on the web enables people to easily report misclassified email, whether safe or malicious, to Microsoft and its affiliates for analysis. Microsoft uses these submissions to improve the effectiveness of email protection technologies.

People who have the add-in assigned to them will see the following icons:

In Outlook, the icon looks like this:

In Outlook on the web, the icon looks like this:

If you have a junk or phishing message in your inbox, please click this icon and report it accordingly. Junk/spam is classified as unwanted email – usually an advertisement (nutrisystem, unwanted newsletters, etc). Phishing emails are generally emails with links that prompt you to put in your password or respond in a way that reveals personal information.

If you choose Junk, Phishing, or Not Junk, you’ll have the option to send a copy of the message to Microsoft, along with your classification of the message. Please send a copy to Microsoft as this helps improve their database and protects your company and others from similar spam/phishing. If you are unsure the best category, we suggest marking it as junk. The most important thing is submitting it to the Microsoft database – they can organize it how they see fit on their end.